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Extempore Speech

Extempore Speech: Tips, Topics, Extempore Speech for MBA, Extempore Tips

Extempore speech in final selection round of MBA admission, executive jobs, commands 5 to 15 percent weightage. Top MBA colleges like FMS Delhi, IIMs, IMI among others conduct Extempore and award good weightage to it before preparing the final merit list.


The duration of Extempore is of 1-2 minutes before the personal interview in top MBA colleges. It is based on instantly given topic on any current affair, social or abstract topic without giving you much time to think and prepare for the topic, with a view to judge how coherently and effectively you could think and speak quickly without ambiguity in your thought. Hardly 10-15 seconds are given by the panelists to organize your thoughts before speaking.


Extempore Speech in MBA Admission 2020
Due to Covid-19 pandemic, the weightage to Extempore and GD process in the final selection round was dropped by many top MBA colleges for MBA admission 2020. FMS Delhi had prepared final merit list for selection without conducting Extempore. In 2021 MBA admission, the extempore will be one of the important key components in final selection round as it requires one to one interaction like PI round. So despite, Covid-19 pandemic shadowing the admission 2021 process, extempore could also replace the GD round with higher weightage.


 Extempore Judges your Communication Skills: Key Component in PI Round

Extempore speech has become a key component in the final selection round of many top MBA colleges in India like FMS Delhi, IMI New Delhi among other top MBA colleges. The importance of Extempore Speech can be understood by the fact that your success in this two minute oration round can get you through the final selection process rewarding you with the admission to the B-school. The weightage to extempore speech varies in different B-schools yet it can give you an edge over your peers in getting the final admission offer.

Name of the MBA college
Weightage to Extempore
FMS Delhi
Essential part of PI round
IMI New Delhi
Weightage clubbed with PI

What is Extempore
Extempore speech means that you need to speak for a minute or two on any given topic without any preparation during your personal Interview.


The Extempore speech at FMS Delhi precedes the Personal Interview while at IMI New Delhi the topic for extempore speech can be given before or during the PI round. 


How to Get through Extempore Speech: 7 Tips to Get Full Marks
To get ready for Extempore Round, following expert tips can prove very helpful in your extempore speech. Please remember Extempore speech is delivered on any random topic given to you so it throws good challenge to you as the audience is also well learned and you cannot befool them. So following key tips on Extempore speech can sure make your speech a good one:

  1. Topic Knowledge –Good to Have but Not Necessary: It is not necessary that you know much about the suddenly given topic and it can be beyond your imagination, your study or working area. For example a students of Arts, if given a topic on physics may not be aware about it. But with right approach in extempore speech delivery you can crack the round leading to final selection.
  2. Think First: You will get 10-15 seconds to think on the random extempore speech topic given to you, before you start delivering your extempore speech to the panelists or audience in front of you. Gather your thoughts, make them coherent rest can be added when you are speaking spontaneously.
  3. Frame Outline: How to start with your Extempore speech becomes a challenge when you do not know or know too much about the topic. So make a short outline frame with the first para about the topic. This will make maximum impact how you begin. The rest of your extempore speech will move around the framed opinion.
  4. Be Audible Enough: You need not to shout nor have to be too low on volume. Make sure that you are audible enough and are continuing with your extempore speech coherently
  5. No Bluff: There is no point to unnecessarily bluff and be irrelevant. Even if you wish to take the topic of extempore speech in your domain of knowledge, switch gradually by giving some illustration, example, quote, data. This will make a positive impact
  6. Remain Calm & Cool: No need to be hyperactive or bully type of speaker. If you can go on with your extempore speech for a minute or so and can make desired impact, it will be better than a long 3 minute extempore speech which has no substance
  7. Conclude with a Positive Note: Unlike a Group Discussion round which is held in a group, Extempore speech round is one to one. Accordingly, your Extempore Speech is carefully heard by highly qualified panelists. If you remain negative while concluding the extempore speech on the topic, it may not yield desired result. So it is better to conclude with a positive note and if possible present a brief solution to the problem, in case the topic demands it and if you can present it. 

Why Extempore is Important?
Through the Extempore speech, The MBA colleges test your speaking skills, flow of thought, way of presenting your ideas which are very much needed to groom leadership qualities in you before offering you admission.


B- Schools are now widely employing extempore as a part of their selection process because of its impromptu nature, which pulls out a candidate out of his/her comfort zone. Through extempore they usually test your presence of mind, flow of thought, speaking skills, and way of presenting your ideas in a scenario with limited time and under pressure. So in order to do well in extempore we have mentioned a few points.

Extempore Vs Group Discussion

Extempore speech
Group Discussion
Extempore speech round targets one candidate at a time and is individual speech round on random topic before panelists 
It is the sharing of views before the peer group of 8-10 candidates
Time duration is maximum 2-3 minutes for each candidate
Total GD duration is 12 – 15 minutes for entire group
Need to speak unprepared. Spot topic allows few seconds only to think
On the unknown topic, candidates have the choice to speak after few candidates have shared their views. It helps to get clues on the topic.
Topics could be related to 1st person also – for example – ‘If I were the CEO of the company.” The reason is that Extempore is a part of PI round
Topics are usually not based on 1st person account as it is a group discussion
Extempore speech is the oration test in PI round with balanced approach
Views shared in GD round could be for or against the topic.

Extempore Speech: Key Facts & Guidelines
Making good use of the opportunity in ‘Extempore’ depends upon the speaking style, thought process and how much you know about the topic. Extempore speech is used as a very distinguishing feature of selection process, the weightage to extempore is 5% to 10% on a scale of 100 and scoring full score is not difficult also.


One of the senior faculty members and panelist in FMS admission process emphasizes the importance of extempore by saying ‘other than the fluency of articulation, choice of words, panelists look for evidence of a creative mind and capacity to think on one’s feet.’ In order to be sure about the ‘quality’ of the candidate, panel might even give a second extempore topic.


To get ready for Extempore Round, following expert tips can prove very helpful: Prepare Your Speech Outline


It is not necessary that you know too much on the extempore topic given to you. Besides you have only 1-2 minutes to speak. So, immediately when the extempore topic is given to you, prepare your speech outline in 5 seconds how you would like to speak, what data and quotes you have to use. It is better to have a positive thought on the topic.


Gather the Thoughts: Form Your Opinion
Avoid getting worried about extempore in Admission round. Knowing extempore topics given to other candidates by FMS panelists do not help much as the Extempore topics are not repeated. If you have forgot something and wish to recall, ask for it else saying that you have forgot or you do not know more on the topic can be of better help.


But in any case do not get panicky, irritating and never lose your cool. Not knowing the topic may not do any harm but losing your cool can sure do. You can request the panelists for an alternate topic also.


Be Original
Coached speeches with irrelevant or obsolete data or quotes do more harm than good at Extempore speech, avoid them. Most of such coached extempore speeches and behaviours in Extempore and PI round are viewed as acting which jeopardize your chance to be at the top B-school since all charms wear off when an amateur actor appears as a poor caricature of someone else.


The panel is essentially looking for quality of thought process and natural leadership behaviour, any artificial or mugged up participation will draw negative attention and fail to impress the assessors who are well experienced.


Extempore: Base of PI
Most of the times the PI round begins either with the ‘views’ expressed during the ‘extempore’ or with a discussion around one’s bio-data given in the application form. So focus on them


How to Prepare for Extempore
Despite being an instant speaking platform, extempore preparation can be done with some practice. Read the following to get you ready for extempore round


Browse past Extempore Topics
Go through as many past topics as you can, read them and prepare your speech with rich facts and speak before your friends, family members and before mirror also. This will boost your confidence level.


Update your knowledge on surroundings
Panelists hardly ever check any testimonials or documents while assessing you through the Extempore & PI round. The panel makes assessment of the candidate on the basis of his/her awareness and way of communicating the ideas & thoughts coherently and with relevance to the topic.


It is advisable to be aware of your surroundings, subject knowledge and avoid speaking with any misleading or superfluous points, ideas, media reports among other things.


Experts and panelists at FMS consistently associated with PI round share that each candidate is actually carefully assessed by using years of experience in sitting through such interviews. Hence any bluff can be well judged by the panelists.

Extempore Topics in MBA colleges
FMS Delhi, IMI Delhi and many other top MBA colleges have placed following extempore topics in their final selection round. Top 50 Extempore topics – past and probable are shared here

Sr. No.
Moon Mission – a success
Current Affairs
India Not to become USD 5 Tn economy 
Business & Economy
Article 370 always alienated Kashmir
Business & Economy
Bank Mergers will Cause economy collapse
Business & Economy
Subsidy in Fertilizer sector
Social Issue
Mythology and Management
Abstract Topic
Zero vs. Sunya
Abstract Topic
Individual freedom and civil society
Abstract Topic
Abstract Topic
Indian classical Music
Abstract Topic
Goods & Services Tax (GST)
Business and Economy
Negative Obsession with Artificial Intelligence.
Current Affairs
India’s energy crisis and ways to resolve it.
Business and Economy
Abstract Topic

Academic scores not a good measure of intelligence
Abstract Topic
Reservations in India
Social Issue
Social Media is making us un- social.
Social Issue
Abstract Topic
Red vs. Blue
Abstract Topic
Color Red
Abstract Topic
Social  Issue
Budget for space program in India be invested into poverty alleviation
Current Affairs
South Asia should have common currency like Europe
Business and Economy
Make in India vs. Make for India
Current Affairs
Goods & Services Tax (GST)
Current Affairs
Negative Obsession with Artificial Intelligence.
Current Affairs
India’s energy crisis and ways to resolve it.
Business and Economy
Indian classical Music
Abstract Topic
Business and Economy
The significance of a person’s handwriting
Abstract Topic
Global Terrorism
Social Issue
Man is born free but feels like in chains all his life.
Abstract Topic
India or China : the next super power
Current Affairs
Liberal Education
Inefficacy of Indian Education System
Social Issue
Ignorance is bliss
Abstract Topic
Artificial Intelligence and Automation
Current Affairs
Inflation or Growth
Business and Economy
Unemployment in India
Social Issue
Rural Development
Social Issue
Women Empowerment
Social Issue
Data theft by social media platforms
Current Affairs
India’s demographic dividend
Social Issue
India not too much of a quality concerned nation
Abstract Topic
Good economics is good politics
Social Issue
Individual freedom and civil society
Abstract Topic